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List of Compositions

The Fool's Journey for Wind Symphony (2015)
Fly Away (2012)
Autumnal Fanfare (2010)
406 (2010)
Song Cycle (2009)
Soliloquy (2008)
2 Short Pieces for Piano (2003/2007)
La Llorona for Piano (2002/2009)
Chilled for Solo Flute (2007)
The Fool’s Journey for Orchestra (2007)
Queen Mab for Violin and Piano (2007)
The Trees for Solo Piano (2006)
String Quartet No. 1: Monsoon (2006)
Samsara for Orchestra and Trumpet (Commission for Las Vegas Centennial Celebration) (2006)
Burned for Bassoon and Oboe (2006)
The Fool’s Journey for Two Pianos (2005/2007)
The Nine Moods for Wind Ensemble (2003/2007)
October for Strings (Commission for Silverado Chamber Ensemble) (2004)
The Garden Tower for Violin and Piano(2003)
Pavor Nocturnus for Brass Choir (2002)
The Beast of Gevaudan (2002)
A Medieval Fantasy for Tuba Choir (1999)

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