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The University of Arizona - Masters Program

Received a Masters in Music Composition degree under the instruction of Daniel Asia, Pamela Decker, and Craig Walsh. Special concentration was placed on learning electronic music composition, the theoretical works of Arnold Schoenberg, and the development of a unique compositional style.

Western Michigan University - Masters Program

Studied electronic music composition under Curtis-Curtis Smith and Dr. Richard Adams. Western Michigan University provided the first serious introduction to electronic music composition. The curricululmn provided the first formal introduction to traditional electronic music techniques, including electroacoustic tape music, musique concrète, and musique stochastique. Extensive hands-on experience working in a full-featured electronic lab provided the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of electronic music practices and techniques.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

Received a Bachelors in Music Composition under the instruction of Virko Baley and Don Hannah. A large portion of the program was devoted to studies normally reserved for music education majors in an effort to develop a sound understanding and practical experience writing for all of the major musical instruments. A heavy emphasis was placed on participating in conducting ensembles, string methods, brass methods, woodwind methods, percussion methods, and composing large ensemble works for university ensembles.